Saturday, August 16, 2014

*** My First Ever Blog! ***

Hi everyone! I have been following a couple of blogs for a while now and decided I would attempt to create my own! I am very excited about this venture and hope to figure out what I'm doing before too long. I chose to start blogging for a number of reasons, one of which being to share my rather interesting life with you all, to have this to look back on, and also to document things as I begin to refine my college search. (Yikes!) Here are some quick fun facts about myself:

- I am a senior in high school
- Science and Math are my absolute favorite subjects (even when they kick my butt)
- I live in good ole' South Carolina
- I  play soccer
I am ADDICTED to Dance Moms
- I am a (procrastinating) perfectionist
- I love anything with pearls
- My style is best defined as preppy, yet eclectic
- Holland Roden, Bethany Mota, Crystal Reed, Troian Bellisario and Taylor Swift are my all time favorite style icons
- I love planners (though I have trouble sticking to them)
- I have two younger brothers
- I love, love, love the beach
- I love my friends and family
- I love crafting!
- And the fact that I'm leaving for college in a year scares me near to death :'(

I hope I haven't overloaded you guys! I also hope you enjoy my future postings!

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